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Are you a loved one of someone in need of ambulatory services? Or do you need these yourself? Don’t jeopardize your health; enlist our NEMT services and make every ride to your destination—whether it is a care facility, dialysis appointment, or social event—easy and convenient. Get in touch with us today!

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Our transportation services are geared towards making your everyday commute easy, comfortable, and safe.

  • Medical Appointments
    Our professional drivers will make sure you arrive for your medical appointments on time, not matter what the situation.[ Click Here ]
  • Dialysis Appointments
    When your scheduled for a dialysis, we ensure that you get there safely and comfortably.[ Click Here ]
  • Ambulatory Services
    With us, every ride is surely experienced in comfort.[ Click Here ]
  • View More Services
    We have a lot more services in store for you. [ Click Here ]

Our CommitmentMission Statement

Founded by our genuine wish for our patients to still be able to pursue the things they want to do and to lead productive lives, it is our mission at ACT NEMT LLC to be your top-of-the-head choice when looking for a non-emergency medical transportation service in Michigan and Iowa.

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