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ACT NEMT LLC was established in 2015 because of the high demand of people in need of transportation to and from their medical appointments. Health and well-being are of the utmost importance to us. When you are not feeling well, it is nice to not have to worry about how to get to an appointment. We know that there are still many who are not able to make it to their appointments, so we are working diligently to find compassionate drivers in your area.

ACT stands for Attentive, Caring, and Timely. We expect these traits from all our staff. One by one, every driver we hire is chosen for their abilities and caring nature. Each driver understands that the ones we transport are more than clients—they are people. They depend on us to get to their appointments safely, on time, and with all the care and attention possible. We do our very best to reach these goals. We treat each member as though we are transporting our own family.

Our Drivers

Every driver we hire is chosen for their abilities and caring nature. Each understands that the people we transport are more than riders, they are members. We treat each member as though we were transporting our own family. We require our drivers to pass a thorough background check, including criminal history and motor vehicle records. Every one of our drivers is licensed as a chauffeur by the state, and privately and commercially insured.

Peace Of Mind

As part of our training process, each driver is trained and evaluated by the owner and our Driver Training Specialist. Our drivers receive training in Defensive Driving, First Aid, CPR, the use of AED, HIPAA, Passenger Service and Safety, as well as Fraud, Waste and Abuse Prevention. Our drivers are retrained and drug tested regularly to ensure they are always able to provide the best service for our members.

If you would like to review our Drug & Alcohol Policy, you can download a copy of it here.

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